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Find Out All Newport Has To Offer

The Portuguese Monument was initiated in 1988 over looking the beautiful rocky coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, at the tip of Ocean Drive. The monument has since been refurbished and looks better than ever. This is a must see destination in Newport regardless of one's heritage. It's a tribute to all the Portuguese explorers who lost their lives in the name of adventure. 

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The historic Thames Street is the focal point of Newport's livelihood and action. With hundreds of unique gift shops, upscale restaurants, pubs and bars there is nothing you can't find on this strip. Thames runs parallel to Newport Harbor which creates the opportunity for shopping and dining while overlooking the beautiful marinas and yacht clubs. One could spend hours exploring 1.5 mile walk, especially if you have an interest in the beautiful colonial style houses and apartments located on it's side streets. 

There is no better way to relax after walking through Newport than to visit one of it's scenic sandy beaches. The warm sand mixed with a view of the rocky coastline, an added ocean breeze drifting through the air. The water temperature is absolutely refreshing from summer through early October. There are beaches with easy access such as Easton's and Second Beach. With more secluded beaches such as Bailey's which lies at the beginning of the famous Ocean Drive. The heart of Ocean Drive, Brenton Point, is where the magnificent Portuguese Monument found it's home. 


Ponta Delgada, Azores

Ponta Delgada, the capital of the chain of islands known as Azores, Portugal is Newport's Portuguese sister city. Ponta Delgada is nicknamed the "Green Island" and has very much in common with Newport. They share characteristics such as rich culture, natural beauty and various historic cites. The beautiful landscape and natural wonders attract tourist from across the globe. Then there is the Pontas da Cidade (pictured bottom left) which were gates used for protection in the late 1700's and currently stand as a monument, which has became a "postcard" image used by Ponta Delgada. The two cities share a passion for the culture of exploration, a passion that will seemingly never fade. 

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